Unique handmade fused glass breaking wave. Each wave is lovingly crafted in Newquay Cornwall. 


The sea and its different moods have always been in my life. Especially its sound, which can be carried many miles inland on the wind, it is a constant background noise to life in Cornwall.  The sea is all encompassing its colour, sounds and smell, its reflections, translucent quality and constant movement can hold your attention like nothing else. To me glass has a similar quality to water and is the perfect medium to express it. It is enigmatic you can look at it, or through it. It is there and not there.


I have tried to show the many different colours and moods the sea has though starting with a clear glass  as the sea itself it is clear. Its colours come from the reflection of the sky and seeing the sand and rocks though the water. So I have used frits and enamels to add those colours. I have deliberately mounted the waves  on the front of the frame so that they twinkle at you and change as you or the sun passes over or past the work the same way the sea changes constantly throughout the day.


No two waves are ever the same

Crashing Wave

  • Frame size 43cm x 33cm 


  • All waves are unique and WILL NOT be the one shown in the picture. If you'd like to a choice of pictures of the actual wave you will receive please contact me