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Glass Wave Art

Our beautiful glass wave art pieces will add a touch of tranquility and a splash of coastal inspiration to your living space.


At Dreya Glass we’ve been able to capture the movements of water with our stunning glass wave art pieces.


Our collection of wave art, handmade in Cornwall, is meant to reflect the Cornish coast in its truest form. These glass wave pieces create a dramatic and vibrant effect that’s both eye-catching and relaxing, making them a great addition to your living or workspace.


Consider setting this hanging glass art against a white background, encouraging the eye to be drawn towards it. Featuring soothing aquatic colours in an accurate recreation of the movement and drama of the Cornish sea. 


All of our glass wave art pieces at Dreya are personally handmade to order and signed by the artist. No two waves are the same and you can rest assured that you're getting an exceptional, unique piece from an exceptional Cornwall artist.

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