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Glass Fish, Jelly fish & Seahorse Wall Art

Our fused glass wall art, handmade in Cornwall, are truly unique. Art pieces that will add a splash of coastal inspiration to your living or work space whether it be jellyfish, seahorses or a shoal of fish.


The shoals are mounted onto a board and built over 4 layers to add depth and cast reflections . They can be hung anywhere you want to add some colour and an eye-catching art piece. 


These shoals will hold your attention like nothing else, thanks to the reflections, translucent quality, and constant movement within the piece.


Our wall-mounted installations are a great option for a wide range of spaces - your living space, work space, bathroom - anywhere you want this coastal inspiration and a splash of colour.


All of our glass shoals at Dreya are personally handmade to order and signed by the artist. Dreya will work with you to ensure the size and shape of your shoal is perfect for your home.


No two pieces are the same and you can rest assured that you're getting an exceptional, unique piece from an exceptional Cornwall artist.

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